Mental Health Coaching

For you. For all.


Certified coach.

Certified teacher. 


Mental health

   is a top priority for me.  

Is it for you?

Be the person you've always dreamed of becoming.

Mental health coaching with me is affordable and valuable.*

You have a free

30-minute consultation waiting for you.

Much like therapy, our 1-1 sessions will be  driven by your unique mental health needs. 


Email me and/or find me on Instagram: @adudestales & @adogstales. 

*according to current client reviews

"Jeff shows the great characteristics of a caring, kind, and flexible person. He cares and is sensitive, professional, and understanding."

"Superb teaching quality and professionalism"

"I'm surprised you don't have 500,000 subscribers considering your quality." 



Any information shared with me in our coaching sessions will remain completely confidential.  As a licensed coach and certified teacher though, I must cooperate fully with the law, and any admission of illegal activity will have to be reported. 

*As I am currently enrolled in a Masters program for Clinical Mental Health Counseling,

I'm not a licensed therapist yet.  I'm a certified coach and master teacher of over 12 years.