Cognitive Behavioral Coaching

Change your thoughts. 

Change your you. 


For 15 years, I traveled the world and lived carefree.

I was the forever bachelor. 


27 countries and 32 states later, I became a professional at being alone.

But my mental health was always my top priority.


My self-care strategies can work for you!

Who do you want to become?


Let's have your free 30-minute consultation.

I won't ever tell you what to do.  I'll give you the tools to help you do the work yourself. 

Have questions? Ask away! 

Email me and/or find me on Instagram.  My online office hours are from 11-1 EST Monday- Friday. 


"Superb teaching quality and professionalism"

"Jeff shows the great characteristics of a caring, kind, and flexible person. He cares and is sensitive, professional, and understanding."

"I'm surprised you don't have 500,000 subscribers considering your quality." 


Just so you know. . . .

Any information divulged to me in our coaching sessions will remain completely confidential.  As a licensed coach and certified teacher, I must cooperate fully with the law, and any admission of illegal activity will be reported. 


While I'm not a licensed therapist yet, I'm a Cognitive Behavioral Coach

and master teacher with a vast amount of worldly experience and knowledge.