Do you know what I'm trying to say?

It's okay if you can't figure it out,

but if you were talking to me in a session, I would be able to understand you wholeheartedly. 

100% positive, unconditional regard

Current Testimonials

This is copy and pasted directly from client's Coaching Evaluation Form. The only part that was edited was the client's name as to protect confidentiality.

Today’s date: Nov 12 2020

Name of Client: Anonymous 

1. What I have liked best about coaching so far:

I enjoyed the flexibility and easy-goingness of it. I like that it is more of a conversation rather a session...makes me feel at ease and more likely to open up more. I also like that we review the past sessions and keep up with the goals.

2. What I have liked least about coaching so far :

I think the video call is still tough for me… I get shy about it still. I'm typically a texter/messager rather into videocalling or facetiming. However, I find it has it benefits because I can see how you are reacting during the coaching sessions.

3. We have made progress in the following:


Accepting that it is okay to rest and not stress

To manage time of rest productively

It is okay to ask for help

4. We still need to work on the following:


To manage time of rest productively..still struggling                                                             

5. I feel that my three greatest strengths are:




6. I feel that my three greatest weaknesses are:

Self critical

Constant self doubting


7. Additional comments, suggestions, etc.:

I am grateful for all the time you have provided so far. I truly  can see how passionate in coaching you are; and how you are genuine you are as a person. Thank you so much!